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3D AquaLife Screensaver

Dive into the warm coastal water of the coral reef and explore the aquatic life!
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21 May 2014

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Even today, mankind has not been able to unravel all the mysteries hidden under our great oceans. In fact some even say that we know more about the moon than we know what lies beneath the waves on earth. Now this ignorance about oceans extends to common folks too and many of us are not familiar with aquatic life forms. With the help of 3D AquaLife Screensaver 1.0.4 you can enrich your understanding of ecosystems near a coral reef and enjoy the blissful beauty of this picture perfect screensaver.

When you launch the 3D AquaLife Screensaver 1.0.4 you are greeted by an alluring play of water near picturesque coral reefs. Soon you would find a number of colorful fishes swimming across your screen and they would soon be followed by dolphins and other elegant life forms. You can closely observer the sea surface and try to recognize elements like planktons’. The mesmerizing interplay of light as it cascades through the waves is a sight to behold. The screensaver tries to create a complete 3D environment and its technical specs are top notch. Not only are the animation effects seamless, you can even correlate the sound effects accurately with the changes in the scenes. The overall background music is soothing and the screensaver can serve as an excellent mood piece for tired souls. Amongst its other features includes a basic digital clock and even a counter for FPS. The screensaver is quite compact in size and works with most Windows iterations including Windows 7.

Overall the 3D AquaLife Screensaver 1.0.4 impresses us both as an artistic marvel and also on account its accurate representation of aquatic life forms. Its stellar graphics earn it a score of 3 rating stars and we would unabashedly recommend it to anyone who is fond of the sea.

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Dive into the warm coastal waters of the coral reef and explore the mysteries of aquatic life! There is so little we know about the ocean while it covers over 2/3 of the planet's surface and holds truly enormous treasures that are simply beyond belief. This awe-inspiring animated 3D screensaver will provide you with a unique chance to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the underwater world and its creatures right on your desktop. Brightly colored fish, gently swaying plants and magnificent dolphins in the wild all accompanied by relaxing music and realistic sounds make this saver a must-have!
3D AquaLife Screensaver
3D AquaLife Screensaver
Version 1.0.4
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